Media Industry is something in which one is always busy and have to struggle a lot to get work and prove their talent. People in this industry can rarely have time for their personal lives and their family so it’s like next to impossible to have time for taking care of:

  • Whether their ITR is filed or not? Or
  • How much tax do they need to pay for the current Financial year? Or
  • Whether it is required to deposit the advance tax and if yes how much advance tax need to be deposited and up to when it should be deposited to be saved from extra interest or penalty?
  • Which return should they file to avail the maximum benefit in taxation and deductions?
  • How to deal with any ind of legal notice or Income tax notice ?

And many more…….
RBG CONSULTANTS PVT LTD has been working with many actors and other professionals working in media industry since its initial days. We take care of the all such legal and financial stuffs of those people and make them worry less about these things so they and work perfectly in their field.